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                About WuXiao

                Qingdao Wuxiao Group Co., Ltd.

                Qingdao Wuxiao Group Co., Ltd., was established in 1993, located in Jiaozhou Bay of Qingdao, which is also a large-scale comprehensive industrial group. Upholding the development concept of "Revitalize the country by science and technology, return the country with industrial developments", through many years of development, the company now covers an area of over 600,000 square meters, owns total assets of RMB 1.38 billion, employs more than 2,000 staffs, and has an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons.

                To innovate in denial, to surpass in the innovation


                People-oriented , Personality-respected


                Qingdao Wuxiao Group has a developed management system, and has aquired the certification of
                GB/T 19001-2008 idt ISO9001: 2008 standard,
                GB/T 24001-2004 idt ISO14001: 2004 standard
                GB/T 28001-2001 idt OHSAS: 2001 standard.

                The company has obtained Transmission Steel Tower Production License, Broadcasting, Telecommunication Steel Tower and Mast Production License, Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License, Chinese Steel Structure Manufacturing Enterprise Qualification Certificate (Special Grade), Physical and Chemical Testing Certificate for Steel, Transmission and Transformation Tubular Structural Product Qualification Certificate, as well as a number of commendations and honorable certificates of various grades, which witness the company's continuous improvement in scientific and standardized processes.

                Over the years, the company has been contributing to the national power project construction, and has won high praises from clients.